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Are you a college aged woman working hard to build up your resume, make connections, and eventually land the job of your dreams? Are you interested in not only your success but also how other collegiate women are living?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, I have no doubt you’ll feel right at home here. This is a space for young women striving for academic and professional success.

I post tips for networking success, what to wear for interviews, how to make great impressions on potential connections, and how to fully utilize your summer internship. As well as the academic and professional content, I post little snippets of my life.

I hope to inspire other young women as well as future writers who are working fiercely towards their dreams, however high they may be.

Have you met Monica?


I’m Monica Flickinger! I’m a 20-something college student. I study English with concentrations in journalism and creative writing at a school near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m passionate about editing, writing, taking pictures, brunch, and wandering around farmer’s markets.

I focus a lot of my time learning how to make the most of each moment for future academic and professional success. So, I started this blog to share my tips for creating the life that you want.

I am constantly updating my resume, finding ways to network best, and studying for my classes. I thoroughly enjoy reading the best interviewing tips. If you ever need to find me, you’ll probably see me glued to my planner or scrolling through pinterest.

This summer I am back working as an intern in the corporate social responsibility department of a company based out of Harrisburg. I spend my days helping to coordinate volunteer opportunities for our employees, volunteering with my team, and collaborating with other creative individuals that I have the pleasure to call my colleagues. I’m thrilled to be gaining professional experience during the warm summer months. I’ll be posting a lot about what I’m learning (and let’s be honest, I’ll post about what I’m wearing too).

My professional profile can be found here.

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All thoughts/writings are original and belong to me unless stated otherwise.