How to Set Up a Linkedin Profile

Professional portfolios, as technology reigns in the workforce, have moved to the digital scene. Sure, they’ve been there for a while now but, more often than not, I see online portfolios among young collegiate & twenty-something women acting as their main source of displaying professional qualifications and achievements. … More How to Set Up a Linkedin Profile


A Day of Classes

Classes are in full swing and I’m finally starting to get settled into my routine. I can’t even believe that it’s week four of classes and I have been at school for a month now. My schedule went from relaxed to crazy in a matter of seconds. I bumped my classes from 5 to 4 … More A Day of Classes

Fall Semester Goals

I’ll be 100% honest, I’m already freaking out about this semester. Everyone I’ve talked to says that they feel like we’ve been back at school for much longer than only two weeks and I have to agree. My courses are already kicking my butt. My schedule went from perfectly designed to a nightmare. I’m still … More Fall Semester Goals